• image2$15

    Medium Andrew Christian w/ Show it Tech

    added January 28, 2015 6:24 am in
    Well, the black underwear didn’t sell so how about this? A pair of sexy Andrew Christians for only $15 shipping included. Don’t you wanna buy
  • 1a$20

    College Jock Used CUM STAINED Boxer Briefs Used Boxer with HOT Video

    added January 27, 2015 4:03 pm in
    RIPPED STRAIGHT OFF MY ASS. want them? BID UP! Worn underwear, This auction also comes with a HOT video of me taking theses off for ya,,, and doing what
  • PicsArt_1422146707008$40

    Fresh load

    added January 24, 2015 6:33 pm in
    Choose whatever jock you want Mail me what one from pics I Can have fun in them also and blow my load  Email me sexybondsboy@outlook.com Also im looking to
  • IMG_0485$50

    Used Tight Jock Strap

    added January 21, 2015 6:50 am in
    Get your hands on my tight boy butt through this used jock. I precum in these just wearing em because I get so turned on. Ships in double ziplock in
  • IMG_6757$35

    Trashed White Athletic Socks 6-12 No-Show Socks

    added January 21, 2015 6:45 am in
    I want to send you my trashed socks. I wear these for days at a time between showering. I work full time, student full time, as well as run and cycle for
  • B7ItcA5CMAIF8t1$20

    Cum Stained Underwear

    added January 16, 2015 8:15 pm in
    I really love to cum and I even more like to cum in my underwear. Too bad I only can add 5 Pics. If you want I would like to cum in my underwear for you
  • picture1312$40

    Light Blue Boxer Briefs

    added January 4, 2015 10:51 pm in
    Nice, well worn pair of light blue hanes! Owned for over a year, you’ll receive them at around 2-3 days wear with jizz! Share This...
  • IMG_8799$30

    Hawaii Jock: Yellow/Blue

    added December 28, 2014 9:55 pm in
    Fresh & New andrew christian jock underwear made to order! Tell me how you want it, what you want on it, and ill get it done! Cum, sweat, piss! You
  • IMG_8773$30

    Hawaii Jock: Blue/Pink

    added December 28, 2014 9:51 pm in
    Fresh & New andrew christian jock underwear made to order! Tell me how you want it, what you want on it, and ill get it done! Cum, sweat, piss! You


A few bulges & crotches

August 29, 2014

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Welcome to all the new members!

August 10, 2014

List any amount of undies, jocks, gear & socks over the next year for a limited time one off $4.95!! Get in on this now and share, swap/trade or sell your Dirty undies, take special requests thru the message system for your fans and followers. Don’t forget to add additional pics by ‘editing’ your listing […]


Our Instagram™ & Twitter™

August 8, 2014

Hey guys, UPDATE: Instagram deleted me AGAIN!, so fuck’em I moved over to Tumblr you can view the tumbrels direct at GayUndiesFetish.tumblr.com


Ya know ya Would!!

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Holding his balls

Get listing!! :)

March 6, 2014

Damn, I expected way more listings by now… Come on guys, show off those sexy undies. List your used briefs, jocks & boxers… Make some cash or swap with others, the choice is entirely up to you. Share This…

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