• image1$15

    cumsaoked boxers

    added July 23, 2014 1:44 am in
    Cummed in roughly 30 times and worn 6 days straight. Cummed soaked and smelly.
  • photo-2-2$12

    My work Undies

    added July 5, 2014 10:44 pm in
    Brand: Falls Creek Size: Small Color: Black Smell: Musky and sweat Cum: None yet. Can be added for an extra $3 Wear: I have been wearing them while I work
  • photo-3-1$10

    Cum stained Bikini Briefs

    added July 5, 2014 10:28 pm in
    Brand: Life Size: Medium Smell: New out of package. just use to clean up after I jack off Color: blue Amount of cum: 4 loads and counting
  • image$we'll talk

    Cum in undies on Skype

    added May 17, 2014 5:32 pm in
    Hey boys, I wanna put on a little show for you in Skype, jack off and blow a couple loads into a pair of boxerbriefs or boxers while you watch. Then
  • 050314-10$10

    Cum Stained

    added May 3, 2014 9:39 pm in
    Item: 050314-10 Brand: Style: Brief Size: M Color: Black / White “Zebra”
  • 050314-9$10

    Cum / Piss Stained

    added May 3, 2014 9:37 pm in
    Item: 050314-9 Brand: Macpherson Men Style: Brief Size: M Color: Gray
  • 050314-8$10

    Piss / Sweat Stained

    added May 3, 2014 9:33 pm in
    Item: 050314-8 Brand: Pace Style: Bikers Short Size: M Color: Black
  • 050314-7$10

    Piss / Sweat Stained

    added May 3, 2014 9:30 pm in
    Item: 050314-7 Brand: Under Armour Style: Boxers Brief Size: M Color: Gray
  • 050314-6$10

    Piss / Sweat Stained

    added May 3, 2014 9:28 pm in
    Item: 050314-6 Brand: Nytro Style: Speedos Size: L Color: Black

Holding his balls

Get listing!! :)

March 6, 2014

Damn, I expected way more listings by now… Come on guys, show off those sexy undies. List your used briefs, jocks & boxers… Make some cash or swap with others, the choice is entirely up to you.

Used Small BIKE Jockstrap on MyDirtyJock

So who’s gonna be 1st?

February 27, 2014

I’m getting really excited to see who’s going to be first to list a nice dirty, white, piss stained Jockstrap… Come on guys, I know you’ve got one out there waiting for us Keep putting your cock away just a little too soon at the urinal, walk back into the bar with a grin on […]


Ooops :)

February 26, 2014

Sorry we went down for an hour today, guess I’m not quite as good as I thought I was a coding lol All fixed now …. …Breaths a sigh of relief and pours a stiff drink… (Actually 2 then I’m gonna sniff some boxer shorts and J/O) OMG that was a fucking nightmare!!!!

Piss stained Jockstrap

Piss Soaked / Stained Undies

We’ve had a request for some piss stained, piss soaked undies, both on our instagram and on Twitter, So get posting guys, dig thru your dorm room laundry baskets, your gym bags and under your beds… Find those dirty jocks and piss stained undies and get ‘em listed!

Dave at MyDirtyJock.com

Into Undies?

February 24, 2014

OK, So that was probably a dumb question if you’re here, Well if you have a tumblr page, Twitter account or anything else you want me to link to let me know I’ll happily link to it, give you shoutouts on Instagram etc. Just here to have fun and build a great underwear loving community… […]

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